Running Memcached on Windows

I needed to run memcached locally on my Windows PC.  These are the steps to making it work on Windows.

(1) Download the Memcached program (32 bit)

(2) Extract the exe to C:\memcached

(3) Open your start menu

(4) In the Search box at the bottom, enter “cmd” – don’t hit enter!

(5) Instead of enter, press Ctrl+Shift + Enter.  This should allow you to run the command prompt as the administrator, as long as your Windows user ID is set-up as an admin

(6) use the `cd` command to navigate to get to: C:\memcached

(7) once there, enter: memcached.exe -d install

(8) next enter: memcached.exe -d start

You should now be running a memcached server.  To check, open the Windows Task manager and on the Services tab, you should see “memcached”.