Creating a Blog for Rails App

I wanted to create a blog for my Rails app and investigated ways to do this.  You can always start a free blog on Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr, but I wanted the blog to be a part of my domain.

There are gems to help do this.  I found the Bloggy and PostMarkdown gems.  Although they seem to integrate well with Rails, I wanted to use an existing CMS platform so I didn’t have to mess with the code of my app and to make creating posts easier. Adding markdown files to my app, generating views, and then pushing every time I wanted to make a blog update deterred me.

Instead I found a way to use WordPress for my blog here.  I liked the I could leverage WordPress to make posting easier, as well as the ability to use plug-ins people have built for assisting with SEO.  The nice thing about this set-up is that the blog uses your domain (i.e. address and it doesn’t drain your resources because it is running as a separate (free) Heroku app.

The biggest downsides I’ve found are that you need a place to store your files for your posts (S3) since you can’t write to a Heroku file system when posting through WordPress.  Also, you need to push files, such as templates and plug-ins.