Twitter Bootstrap Resources

Twitter Bootstrap is a great style framework for quickly getting sites and apps running.  Created by some Twitter employees, it allows you to easily create modern, stylish designs, as well as include popular javascript functionality like: dropdown menus, modals, popovers and carousels/sliders.  Once you look at Twitter Bootstrap, you’ll realize that many of the sites that you use or see have used Bootstrap or something similar.  In fact, Bootstrap is popular enough to have spawned it’s own ecosystem.

Here are some cool sites that I found that list Twitter Bootstrap resources:

The title says it all with: The Big Badass List of Twitter Bootstrap Resources

W3Resource explains how to use Twitter Bootstrap to make it responsive.  What that means is that you can use Twitter Bootstrap and have it look good regardless of the platform it is being viewed from – monitor, tablet, phone.

Onextrapixel lists Bootstrap extensions in this article, including extensions for making jQuery adopt the Bootstrap look.