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How to Get Free Email Hosting for Your Domain

Google Apps no longer offers free email hosting for small businesses.  No worries – Microsoft offers free hosting through it’s new and improved Outlook and it’s extremely easy to set-up.

(1) go to and sign in (sign-up for a free account if you don’t have one)

(2) add your domain

(3) open another browser window and log into your account with your domain name registrar (the website where you registered your domain (ie or Go Daddy))

(4) in your domain name registrar account, go to where your domain name is managed and look for the place where you change nameservers.  once there, add the records listed in

(5) after you confirmed the settings are in place on, add a new mailbox (ie info for

(6) test the changes by sending an email to your new account (ie and then logging in via


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