Mail on provides free access to their software for one agent, so I set this up.  It took me a little more time because I use Heroku (which doesn’t host mail), with Google Apps mail.  Normally you would use your DNS settings for mapping the email in  However, since my email is hosted on Google Apps, I needed to route it through them.

Ironically, there’s no documentation on this on, which is software for the help desk.  You’d think they would be better about offering help since they provide help desk software – not the case.

It took me awhile, but what worked was, in the email (channel) settings:

  • enter the email with my domain (ie
  • select IMAPS
  • enter the host as

When I tried other settings, such as or I got errors indicating that the certification did not match (ie domain name vs  When I wrote’s support they said it was an adjustment on the mail side.  This was not the case I found, after playing with it for an hour, it was just a setting change within